My name is Chuck Yu, and I want to give you a challenging, accessible, diverse, and, most of all, fun trivia experience. My own journey with trivia started in high school and college quiz bowl. From there, I've played in various bars with many groups of friends, hosted for a company for several years, appeared on Jeopardy!, and wrote, hosted, and played in various online and in-person formats both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. With me, you are getting a writer who touches on diverse topics from ballet to the Harlem Renaissance to the NFL to 90s Nickelodeon to the Roman Empire, and an experienced, engaging, and entertaining host who knows what it takes to make your trivia night fun and successful.

I will customize games for your group, your venue, and your preferences. The length of your game, the types of rounds, and the subject matter are all customizable. I can even write entire rounds based on a theme if you wish!
You will get a variety of content. I have my own interests, but I make a point to branch out and learn and write about everything from grandfather clocks to TikTok. Whether it happened last week or 3000 years ago, it's fair game in my games. There will be something for everyone, and everyone will be able to contribute to their team's score!
You will get an experienced and engaging host. I have hosted in multiple venues, large and small for 4 years, and have continued to host online over the course of the pandemic. I keep the game fun, and will keep your players coming back!

General knowledge - increasing difficulty and point value.

Picture round - give an answer for each image-based question.

Wildcard - a quick, usually themed round with a random format

Where to Play

Monthly online free game

Where: Silver Spring, MD

When: Second Thursday of each month, 8PM ET

Monthly game over Zoom. Free to play, alone or with a team. Donations accepted, 100% forwarded to the charity of the winner's choosing.